Pro Form Treadmill Troubleshooting

ProForm manufactures exercise equipment for home use. Included in the company’s inventory of equipment is a line of treadmills with options to fit the needs of any user. As with all exercise equipment, ProForm treadmills may occasionally malfunction. Though the different models have different options, there are common problems and troubleshooting steps that apply to all models.

Power Problems

Power issues with ProForm treadmills fit into two categories: the power does not turn on or the power shuts off when using the treadmill. If the power will not turn on, make sure that the treadmill is plugged into a working power outlet. In addition, you should use a single-outlet surge protector for the treadmill. Single-outlet surge protectors protect the machine from any voltage changes that may occur in your home.

If the machine is plugged into a working outlet, make sure the safety key is in the keyhole on the console. If the safety key is not plugged into the machine or if it is pulled out during operation, the treadmill will not operate.

Finally, make sure the circuit breaker located on the frame near the power cord is set to “Reset.” The circuit breaker is set to “Reset” if the top of the button is pushed in. When the breaker is tripped, push it back to the “Reset” position and wait five minutes before powering on the treadmill.

If the ProForm treadmill shuts off during operation, check the power cord and circuit breaker as described above. You can also try removing and reinserting the safety key.

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Walking Belt Slows

You may find that the walking belt slows down when using the treadmill without a change in the machine’s settings. When this occurs, the belt is too tight. To loosen the belt, take the key out of the treadmill and unplug the power cord. Locate the roller bolts on the rear of the machine and tighten the bolts holding the rollers with the supplied Allen wrench. You should turn the bolts counterclockwise to tighten them. Lift up on the edges of the belt. There should be approximately 2-3 inches of space between the belt and the platform. Continue to tighten and loosen the bolt until that amount of space is attained.

When finished, plug in the power cord, insert the key and run the machine. Let it run for several minutes without walking or running on it to see if it still slows down. If necessary, repeat the above steps until the belt is properly tightened.

Walking Belt is Off-Center

You may find that the walking belt is off-center when running the treadmill. This often occurs because the rear roller bolts are tightened differently, creating more pull on one side or the other. If the walking belt is off-center, take the key out of the treadmill and unplug the power cord. For a walking belt that is shifted to the left, use the supplied Allen wrench to turn the left rear roller bolt a half turn clockwise. For a belt that has shifted to the right, turn the right rear roller bolt a half turn counterclockwise. Once done, plug in the power cord, insert the safety key and turn on the machine. Check that the belt stays in the center of the treadmill. If it is still off-center, repeat the above steps as necessary.

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