Put My Carrier Infiniity Thermostat On Emergency Heat

The Carrier Infinity thermostat controls the heating and cooling of your home according to your settings. If there is ever an occasion when your heater does not turn on, you can place the thermostat in “Emergency Heat” mode. When in “Emergency Heat” mode, the thermostat forces the heater to turn on and warm the house. While the feature is useful, it should only be used in emergencies as your heater likely needs to be serviced. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Press and hold the red “Heat” button located on the right side of the thermostat for four seconds.

2. Check that the red indicator light under the word “Heat” flashes and the words “Emergency Heat” appear on the LCD display screen under the temperature reading. When both indicators happen, the thermostat is set to emergency heat.

3. Turn off the emergency heat mode by pressing the “Heat” button or the “Cool” button once. The LCD display should read “Actual Temperature” again.

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