Remove A Ballast From A Headlamp On A Sienna

The only tool needed to remove a ballast is a wrench.

The newer versions of the Toyota Sienna come with HID headlights. These powerful lights can be recognized by the bluish tint. If a headlight goes out, it needs to be replaced immediately, to avoid an accident or ticket. However, if you have replaced the bulb and the light still doesn’t work, then you most likely need to replace the ballast. On HID lights, a ballast works as the middle-man between the car’s electrical system and the headlight assembly — and over time this can burn-out as well.


1. Park the Sienna with the emergency brake on. Turn the engine off and let it cool. HID headlights burn very hot, so make sure you let it sit for at least ten minutes, before working on it.

2. Pop the hood and look directly behind the non-functioning headlight. Next to the headlight assembly, you’ll see a small black box with two sets of wires going into it. This is the ballast. Unplug the wiring harness that comes from the Sienna’s electrical system: Then unplug the connecting wire between the ballast and the headlight assembly.

3. Unscrew the mounting bolts, or screws that hold the ballast in place. A household adjustable wrench, or screwdriver, should do the job. Be sure to put the bolts someplace safe.

4. Remove the old ballast and insert the new one. Secure it in place with the screws. Reattach the wires and close the hood.

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