Remove A Nissan Frontier Tail Light

Removing a tail light seems like a simple project. However, the presence of bed liners and tailgate extenders commonly found on the Frontier can make the procedure difficult. Nonetheless, the determined backyard mechanic can use this guide to figure out remove the tail light assembly from the truck to replace a simple bulb or a cracked tail light assembly.


1. Open the tailgate to the Nissan Frontier. If applicable, remove enough of the bed liner retainer bolts to allow access to the tail light assembly retaining screws. Use a 3/8-inch ratchet and a compatible socket to remove the bed liner retainer bolts. It will help to recruit someone to manipulate the position of the bed liner (if applicable) to allow better access to the tail light assembly bolts.

2. Remove the two brass retainer bolts on the plates of the tailgate extender (if applicable) using the 3/8-inch-drive ratchet and a compatible socket.

3. Use the 1/4-inch-drive ratchet and a shallow 1/4-inch-drive 10 mm socket to remove the two tail light assembly retaining bolts.

4. Unseat the two guide pins from the tail light assembly by prying them out of position. Some finagling will be required to accomplish this task.

5. Turn the light bulb sockets located on the inside of the tail light assembly a quarter turn counterclockwise to release them from the tail light assembly.

6. Remove the taillight assembly.

7. Replace the bulb in the socket (if desired) or replace the tail light assembly. Reinstall by reversing the procedure.

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