Remove A Surefire Flashlight’S Lens

Lay a Surefire flashlight on its bezel to remove the lens.

SureFire manufacturers heavy-duty flashlights often utilized by law enforcement, military personnel and emergency responders. SureFire flashlights have garnered a solid reputation for reliability and durability directly attributable to the design, technology and precise manufacturing techniques put into the making of a flashlight. In some cases, you may need the change the lens in a SureFire flashlight, whether to put on a different tinted lens for low visibility or to change a damaged or scratched lens. You can change the lens yourself in just a few simple steps.


1. Set the bezel end of the flashlight on a flat surface, with the lens facing up so you can see it.

2. Loosen the lens using your flat head screwdriver by working around the inside of the bezel. Pull the lens out with your needle nose pliers once you loosen up the lens.

3. Locate a rubber O-ring underneath the lens. You will need to remove the O-ring as well with your needle nose pliers. Simply insert the pliers, grip the rubber O-ring and pull it out.

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