Remove Corinthian Kerosene Aladdin Lamp Parts

Corinthian Aladdin lamps are collector’s items that were manufactured between 1935 and 1936. The Corinthian line includes 16 different models in various colors that all use kerosene for burning. Some models include solid colors in both the foot and the bowl and others mix two colors on each lamp. Cleaning a kerosene lamp includes taking each of the pieces off and cleaning the bowl and glass chimney to remove all waxy residues. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Set the lamp on a table or flat surface. Lay a towel on the table.

2. Hold the bottom bowl with one hand and lift the shade straight up and off the lamp with the other hand. Lift the metal tripod arms straight up and off the lamp. Not all models of Corinthian Aladdin lamps have a shade or metal tripod. If you do not have a shade, skip this step.

3. Place one hand on the glass chimney and turn it counterclockwise. Lift the chimney straight up and off the lamp. Place the chimney on a towel to protect it from chips or breaks.

4. Grasp the mantle by the wire frame on the top. Unscrew the mantle counterclockwise and lift it straight up and off the lamp.

5. Turn the burner assembly counterclockwise to loosen it and lift it straight off the lamp.

6. Pull the lamp shade holder straight up and off the lamp. Skip this step if your lamp does not have a shade.

7. Add kerosene to the bowl and reassemble the parts in reverse order to light the lamp.

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