Remove The Face Shield From A Harley Davidson Full Face Helmet

Most full face motorcyle helmets are equipped with removable face shields.

The full face Harley Davidson helmet is equipped with a flip-up face shield. The face shield can be removed easily and without tools. Many riders remove the face shield so it can be cleaned or to add tint, while some riders may remove the face shield to allow increased air flow through the helmet. It is not recommended that riders permanently remove the face shield, as it provides protection from debris during normal riding or during an accident.


1. Place the helmet on a flat surface. With the helmet facing you, open it to its fully open position.

2. Locate the locking arms. On most helmet models, the locking arms are located on the face shield’s base plates.

3. Pull the locking arms towards the front of the helmet. The face shield will pop out sightly from the helmet.

4. Hold the face shield above the base plates. Pull the ends of the face shield out of the locking mechanism. Do this one side at a time.

5. Remove the face shield from the helmet by pulling it straight off.

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