Repair Chevrolet Aveo Daytime Driving Lights

If you’re having trouble with your daytime driving lights, the problem might be with the relay.

The Chevrolet Aveo features daytime driving lights, or daytime running lamps, to heighten visibility and ensure safety. If you are experiencing trouble with the daytime driving lights even after changing the bulbs, the problem might have to do with the relay that operates them. You can replace the relay to repair the Aveo’s daytime driving lights at home in about 15 minutes.


1. Raise the hood and locate your car’s battery. The battery will have two cables connected to it, one positive and the other negative. Identify which of the two is the negative by looking for a small minus symbol on top of the battery.

2. Remove the negative battery cable with a socket wrench. After you remove the cable, position it away from its post entirely to avoid accidental reconnection.

3. Open the driver’s door and remove the fuse panel cover. The fuse panel on your Aveo is on the right side of the dashboard. You should see it as soon as you open the door.

4. Locate the daytime running lamp (DRL) relay within the cluster. There are eight square relays all within the fuse cluster. There are two at the top, two at the bottom and four on the right side of the cluster. The DRL relay is on the right side that has four relays. You should see one big relay and immediately on its right side, a smaller relay. The smaller relay is the DRL relay.

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5. Remove the relay by grasping it with a pair of relay-puller pliers. Pull the relay out of its position in an outward motion. Do not attempt to twist or turn the relay.

6. Install your new daytime driving lights relay by reversing the removal process. Push inward on the top of the relay with your thumb until you feel it fully seat itself. Put the fuse panel cover back on, then connect and secure the negative cable back to its post on the battery.