Repair Emergency Lighting

Test all emergency lighting monthly.

Emergency exit signs are placed above all exits in a public building. Emergency egress light fixtures should also be placed in rooms and hallways.Signs and egress lighting will light in case of emergency or power failure to assist in exiting the building. It is imperative that these lights and signs are in working order at all times. Signs and lights should be tested on a regular basis and repaired as needed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Check the batteries with a volt meter. Replace batteries as needed. Be sure that all connections to the batteries are tight. If the battery is not charging, the charging apparatus might need to be replaced. Low batteries are the most common cause of malfunction in emergency lighting.

2. Replace the light bulbs. Light bulbs should be replaced annually. Make sure the bulbs are screwed securely into the socket.

3. Replace the relay switch. If the lights will not go out after the test button is released, the relay switch might be sticking.

4. Inspect all wire connections. Tighten any loose connections.

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