Repair Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is simple to replace.

Like the light fixtures in your home, industrial lighting can become broken, worn-out or outdated. The simplest way to repair industrial light fixtures is to replace them with new light fixtures. Replacing industrial lighting should only take a few hours. However, most industrial lighting is heavier and higher up than the lighting in your home. Work with a sturdy ladder and recruit the help of a partner. If you are uncomfortable doing electrical work you may consider hiring a licensed electrician. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Shut off the power to the light fixture at the circuit breaker.

2. Remove the light bulb from the light. Most light bulbs should pop or screw out of place.

3. Unscrew the light fixture canopy from the electrical box in the ceiling with a screwdriver. Lower the canopy from the ceiling.

4. Disconnect the wiring. Untwist the wire nuts and then disconnect the wiring. Remove the light fixture from the ceiling.

5. Screw the mounting plate of the new light fixture to the electrical box on the ceiling.

6. Connect the wires in the ceiling electrical box to the wires in the new industrial light fixture. Strip approximately ½ inch of the plastic sheathing from the ends of the wires in the light fixture with wire strippers. Match the white wires with one another. Twist the ends together and screw a wire nut over the top of the exposed wire ends. Repeat with the black wires and the green ground wires.

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7. Push the wires up into the ceiling electrical box. Screw the canopy of the new industrial light into place with a screwdriver and the included screws.

8. Place a light bulb into the industrial light fixture. Turn on the power to the fixture at the circuit breaker.