Replace A Jeep Cherokee Flasher

The flasher causes a Jeep Cherokee turn signal to blink on and off.

The flasher on a Jeep Cherokee functions to cycle the signal lamps on and off, when the turn signal switch is activated by the driver. If neither the right nor left turn signals work properly, it is likely the flasher is defective and must be replaced. If only one turn signal fails, the cause is not the flasher, but likely a burned-out light bulb or other problem specific to the malfunctioning signal. Replacing the flasher requires no tools and can be completed at home.


Replace the Flasher

1. Locate the fuse block,, underneath the left side of the dashboard. There are two cylindrical units plugged into the fuse block. The unit on the top left side is the turn signal flasher.

2. Grasp the turn signal flasher by hand, and pull, firmly, straight out, to unplug it from the fuse block. If the flasher does not come out easily, gently wiggle the flasher, side to side, while continuing to pull outward. Do not twist.

3. Plug a new flasher into the fuse block.

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