Replace A Nissan Xterra Tail Light

Replace a Nissan Xterra Tail Light

The Nissan Xterra tail light assembly detaches from the body of the truck after removal of two screws that allow access to the bulbs inside. Replace the bulbs anytime you notice a bulb has burned out or is not functioning properly. Brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers are all part of the tail light assembly on your Nissan Xterra.


1. Open the rear hatch of your Xterra and locate the bolts that hold the tail light assembly onto the vehicle. (They are on the inner edge of the assembly, one above the other.)

2. Remove the two bolts using a socket and ratchet and set the bolts aside for later use. Pull the assembly straight out to access the bulb sockets on the rear of the housing.

3. Grasp the bulb socket, turn it counterclockwise and pull the socket straight out of the housing. Remove the bulb from the socket and insert the replacement bulb into the socket.

4. Insert the socket into the housing and turn it clockwise to tighten it. (The socket will only turn about a quarter of a turn.) Slide the tail light assembly back into position on the body.

5. Align the mounting holes in the lens with the holes in the body. Insert the two mounting bolts and tighten them with a socket and ratchet.

6. Close the rear tailgate and test the lights to ensure they are functioning as intended.

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