Replace Batteries In Crank Flashlights

Never worry about dead batteries when you use a crank flashlight.

Crank flashlights work by creating a generator from magnets. The magnets create electromagnetic energy when you crank the handle, which powers the light bulb. The energy isn’t stored as it is with batteries; it is created each time you crank the handle. Because of this continuous flow of energy, the flashlight doesn’t require batteries for power. This type of flashlight is beneficial in situations where you need emergency lighting or you want an eco-friendly light source.


1. Purchase a hand crank flashlight with LED, or light emitting diode, light bulbs. Most already come with this type of bulb, but it’s a good idea to check. LED bulbs last up to 10,000 hours.

2. Hold the flashlight in one hand and use the other hand to crank the handle for 30 seconds. Modern crank flashlights will stay lit for about five minutes with 30 seconds of cranking.

3. Point the flashlight in the direction you wish to illuminate. Crank the handle more to provide longer light.

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