Replace Bulbs On Attwood Lights

Attwood lights are the standard signal lighting for boats. Whether used for emergency or navigational lights, you’ll find Attwood lights on most maritime craft. Like any lighting instrument, Attwood lights sometimes need their bulbs to be changed. This is often a very serious piece of maintenance, as improperly lit navigational and emergency lights can result in severe fines. Knowing replace bulbs on Attwood lights is crucial for regular boat maintenance and safe boating.


1. Unscrew the screws at the base of the Attwood light with a Phillips screwdriver.

2. Remove the metal lens base and lens from the Attwood light.

3. Remove the bulb. Attwood light bulbs are removed by turning the bulb 45 degrees counterclockwise and pulling the bulb outward.

4. Insert the replacement bulb into the empty socket, holding the bulb with a clean cloth. Push the bulb forward and turn it 45 degrees clockwise to secure it in place.

5. Replace the lens and metal lens base.

6. Screw the Attwood light cover back into place with a Phillips screwdriver.

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