Replace Emergency Lights

Emergency lights warn other drivers of potential road dangers or your own emergency.

Emergency lights are an important warning system for the drivers you share the road with. These lights will warn of upcoming road dangers or your own personal emergency that may cause you to make an unexpected maneuver. Without these lights, you can catch other drivers off guard and increase the risk of an accident. This makes emergency light maintenance an important part of your car maintenance regimen. Fortunately, replacing your car’s emergency lights takes only a few steps and is substantially the same process in most cars.


1. Make sure all the power is off in your car. This means taking the keys out of your car’s ignition. You do not want to replace a light bulb while power is still flowing through the socket.

2. Lift the trunk of your car for easy access to the emergency lights. This is true of all cars, regardless of make or model.

3. Remove the back paneling behind the tail lights if you own a sedan or compact car. The paneling will either snap off your require a screwdriver. This will expose the tail lights. For SUVs and caravans, use a screwdriver to remove the front covering of the rail light. Make sure to keep all the screws and to hold the front covering in place with one hand to ensure it does not fall to the floor and crack.

4. Remove the burnt emergency tail light and replace with a new bulb.

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5. Fasten the front covering back in place or snap the interior paneling back in place.

6. Turn on your car and test your emergency lights before you get back on the road. You want to fix any potential problems before you start driving again.