Replace The Battery For An Energizer Hard Case Spotlight

Replace the Battery for an Energizer Hard Case Spotlight

Homeowners and professional contractors alike use the Energizer Hard Case Spotlight with battery-operated LED lantern as a durable work light or flashlight. Replacing the batteries is not difficult, but since the spotlight packaging does not include any manufacturer’s instructions, many owners of this tool have attempted this task with some initial confusion. Once you know where the battery casing is located, you can easily replace the batteries and restore your spotlight to its typical brightness and usefulness. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Locate the battery compartment on your spotlight. There’s no indication for the location on the unit itself or its packaging. It is located on the side opposite the lamp. The compartment is covered with a protective rubber, tire-tread-like surface.

2. Twist the cover of the battery compartment counterclockwise to unscrew. Do not unscrew any of the screws on the sides of the spotlight, you need only to use your hand to turn and take off the battery casing cover and expose the batteries.

3. Remove the old batteries from the hard case spotlight’s battery compartment. Take note of the orientation of the batteries in relation to positive and negative polarity. Check for any corrosion of the battery terminals and clean with a small amount of vinegar, if necessary. Allow vinegar to air dry before replacing the batteries.

4. Install 4 new C size batteries into the spotlight. Make sure to replace the batteries using the correct polarity. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for this particular spotlight.

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5. Replace the cover of the battery compartment by putting it back into place and turning clockwise until secure.