Replace The Front Signal Lights In A Chevy Impala

Although your Chevy Impala’s front signal lights should last many years before needing to be replaced, when one does burn out, you’ll need to change it immediately for both legal and safety reasons. Please note, these instructions don’t apply to Impala models made before 2000.


1. Turn off your car to avoid a shock while working on the signal light. Engage the emergency brake for added safety.

2. Use the hood release latch beneath the instrument panel to loosen the hood. Then, step out of the car and pull up on the auxiliary release latch beneath the center of the hood.

3. Remove the air baffle (2005 and earlier models only), and then remove the headlamp assembly retaining screws.

4. Disengage the plastic headlamp retainer by pulling it up. Draw the headlamp assembly away from the car and then disconnect the electrical wiring connector.

5. Take the round dust cap off of the signal bulb socket. Then, turn the old bulb counterclockwise to remove it from its retaining ring.

6. Raise the electrical connector‘s lock tab and pull it away from the bulb’s base. Attach it to the new bulb and then screw it back into the retaining ring.

7. Replace the dust caps and reattach the headlamp assembly electrical connector. Test the new signal light before bolting the assembly back into place and closing the hood.

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