Replace The Front Signal Lights In A Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is a large flatbed truck that can become a danger to other drivers around you if you turn without giving them notice with your turn signal light. There is no reason to drive around without properly working turn signals when they are easy to replace by yourself. These steps cover out to change the bulbs in the model year 2005 and newer.


1. Pull the hood release handle inside the truck located by the steering wheel at the low left side. Get out and go to the center of the grille in front and reach in and pull up the secondary hood release. Lift up the hood.

2. Locate the headlamp assembly at the front side of the truck. Silverados either have one or two pins on top holding it to the vehicle. If it has two pins, turn the outer pin toward the outside edge of the truck and then pull it straight upward. Do the same with the pin located more toward the center of the grille only turn it inward, then straight up. If your truck has just the one pin, turn the pin upward and straight out.

3. Draw the headlamp assembly straight out, but not so far that you detach all the wires. Next unplug the headlamps electrical socket connector so you have more room to work. Be careful not to drop or scratch the headlight bulb, which is still inside the assembly.

4. Find the retainer clip that holds the signal light housing in place. It is close to the outside edge of the truck, behind the housing that contains the signal light bulbs. Press down on the retainer clip and pull the housing away from the vehicle.

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5. Press down on the locking release lever at the third socket from the outside. Turn the signal bulb connector socket counter clockwise to take it out of the housing. Pull the old bulb out of the socket.

6. Push a new turn signal bulb trade number 3457A into the socket without touching it with your fingers. Return the electrical connector back into the housing by twisting it clockwise until you feel it lock.

7. Slide the housing for the turn signal back into the truck. First place the hook and posts closest to the inside where they line up with the alignment holes, and then click the outer side back in the retainer bracket. Reattach the headlight’s electrical connector and put the headlamp assembly back onto the truck with the pins. Test the signal lights to make sure they work.