Replace The Front Signal Lights In A Saturn Ion

As a Saturn Ion owner, you appreciate the vehicle’s many amenities including great gas mileage (up to 35 mph) and a roomy trunk for a compact car. You notice that your front turn signal, however, is either flashing faster than normal or not showing up as you drive. Whether you own the quad coupe or sedan, you can replace the signal light yourself without going to a dealership.


1. Determine the cause of the signal problem and take the appropriate course of action. If the green arrows in the central instrument panel cluster are quickly blinking, replace the front light bulb. If the arrows don’t appear at all, check the fuse.

2. Turn off the Saturn Ion’s engine. Then, pull the release lever on the driver’s side to open the hood and access the front light.

3. Detach the headlamp assembly first, since the signal light bulb is located right behind the front headlight. Pull up on the headlight retaining pins to take off the assembly.

4. Move the assembly towards you to expose the electrical connector. You must disconnect it before you can replace the signal light.

5. Find and detach the signal bulb socket. Turn the socket to the left to take it out of the assembly, remove the bulb from the socket and exchange it with the new 5702KA light.

6. Dispose of the old light safely and immediately to prevent breakage and possible injury. Then, check the new bulb to see if it works using the automotive test light. Finally, replace the socket and headlight assembly and close the hood.

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