Replace The Rear Signal Lights In A Chevy Impala

If the rear signal light on your Chevy Impala burns out or breaks, you can purchase a replacement bulb for only a few bucks and install it yourself. Start by locating the right replacement bulb for your model year. These instructions don’t apply to Impala models made before 2000.


1. Turn off your Impala’s engine, engage its emergency break and remove the keys from the ignition. Pop the trunk using the driver’s side trunk release latch or by manually unlocking it.

2. Slide your fingers beneath the carpeted trunk trim and peel it away from the trunk’s interior.

3. Remove the two nuts that fasten the taillight assembly to the car. Keep the nuts in your pocket or a small bag so they’re easy to find when you put the taillight back together.

4. Lift the taillight assembly away from your Impala’s body.

5. Turn the combination light bulb socket counterclockwise to detach it from the taillight assembly. On models made before 2006, press the socket tab down before twisting it loose.

6. Pull the defective bulb directly out of its socket and replace it with the new bulb. Once it’s in place, screw the bulb socket back onto the assembly.

7. Test the new light to make sure it’s working. If the bulb lights up, replace the taillight cover and carpet and close the trunk.

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