Replace Your Turn Signal Relay In A Chevy Camaro

Flashers and relays control the turn signals and hazard lights on most cars. Flashers/relays operate in one of two ways. They are either in a normally open mode or in a normally closed mode. The Chevy Camaro uses two such relays; you will have to replace one or both relays/flashers to fix the most common types of problems.


1. Locate the main fuse block. This bank of fuses and relays are located in the end of the dash on the driver’s side. Behind the panel is a bank of fuses and relays. On the inside of the cover is a schematic of the bank of fuses and relays.

2. Find the items at numbers one and two on the map. Number one is the relay/flasher for the stop and hazard lights. The other relay/flasher is for the turn flasher, backup light and daytime running light.

3. Note the two relays/flashers. Turn on the turn signal and use your finger to check for clicking or buzzing while the turn signal is supposed to be blinking. Turn off the turn signal and check the other relay/flasher for clicking when you turn on the emergency flashers.

4. Buy a replacement for the bad relay/flasher. Take the bad one with you to the auto parts store to ensure that the one you purchase is correct.

5. Replace the new relay into the receptacle and close the main fuse box cover. Check the operation of the turn signal and emergency flashers to confirm that you have fixed the problem.

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