Replace Your Turn Signal Relay In A Dodge Durango

Sport utility vehicles have been growing in numbers on the roads the past few years. The Dodge Durango is one of these models. Turn signals and flashers become vital safety items. When you have problems with them, there is much greater danger of accidents. But when turn signal relays go bad, you can change them quickly.


1. Turn on the Durango and check each of the four turn signals to make sure that the bulbs are not burned out. If you find one that has gone out, replace the bulb and retest the turn signals. When a bulb goes bad on this circuit, the resulting operation can mimic a bad flasher or one that is failing.

2. Locate the combination turn signal flasher and relay. It is on the left end of the driver’s dash. Open the access door and view the collection of relays and fuses. At the left side of the mounting block is a larger flasher and relay. This is the combination turn signal flasher and relay.

3. Test the relay by placing you finger on the relay housing and activating the turn signal. If you have found the right one, you should feel a clicking as the turn signal blinks. Remove the relay, replace with the new relay and close the access door.

4. Start the Durango and activate the turn signals to check that they each work. The light should turn on and should blink. Also, check the hazard lights to make sure they work.

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