Replace Your Turn Signal Relay In A Honda Prelude

The turn signal lights on the Honda Prelude operate by a relay that causes them to blink. Many makes and models of cars utilize a flasher to control both the turn signals and the emergency hazard lights. When you have to replace the relay, it is a quick job for you to perform in a matter of five to ten minutes. The hardest part is finding the relay.


1. Check the turn signal lights before diving into changing the relay. In most situations, if one bulb has burned out, the system will appear as though the flasher is going bad. Make sure that all four turn signals light up and it is just a problem with the blinking of the turn signals.

2. Locate the relay for the turn signals. It is in the interior fuse and relay block. Look on the driver’s side of the Prelude under the dash. Find the lower left side of the block and you will locate the black relay for the turn signals. Test to make sure you have the right relay by turning the turn signal on and feeling the relay for a clicking when the turn signal is blinking.

3. Remove the bad relay and replace it with a new relay. Replace the fuse box cover and start the Prelude. Retest the turn signals and make sure that they all light and that they blink normally.

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