Replace Your Turn Signal Relay In A Nissan Maxima

As your Nissan Maxima starts to age, there are some items that begin to breakdown. One of these items is the turn signal. When the turn signal doesn’t work, you usually think of a bad turn signal bulb. However, the turn signal relay may the source of the malfunction. Replacing the turn signal relay doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of auto mechanics, just an ability to follow directions.


1. Grab a flashlight and locate the relay panel that’s underneath the steering column of your Nissan Maxima. On some models of the Maxima, you may need to remove the steering column panel to gain access.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the relay panel and the steering column, if needed. Be sure that when you remove the screws from the relay panel that you put them in a safe place where they won’t get lost.

3. Look on the underside of the relay panel to determine where the turn signal relay is located within the box. See the Resources section for a picture of a turn signal relay.

4. Remove the defective turn signal relay and install the new one. You don’t need any special tools for the removal, but you must be careful not to damage any other fuses or relays during the removal and replacement.

5. Check to see if the turn signal is working correctly. Then, use the screwdriver to put the relay panel back into its original position.

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