Reset Cable Modems With A Builtin Battery Backup

Resetting your cable modem will fix most problems you are having with your Internet of phone services. Technology is still in the early stages of development in the scope of things and can present with glitches from time to time. If your connections are experiencing any type of interference or working intermittently, you may want to try these steps in resetting your battery backed up modem.


1. Turn your modem around so you are looking at the back of the box. First you need to check if there are any loose wires in the back. If there is, no matter how many times you try to reset the box, it will not work. Check the connections by gently touching each one to make sure they are securely in their sockets.

2. Keep the back of the box facing you and find the reset button. The reset button is not marked and it is small. It looks like a pinhole indent in the upper middle area of the box. You cannot access this with your finger; you need to use the point of a ball point pen to press this area. Once you have found the indent, take the tip of the pen and press the indented hole. Hold it for at least ten seconds.

3. Turn the box around so that you can see all the lights on the modem. They should all be off for a few seconds. Slowly they will come back on in progression from right to left. They will continue blinking during the time they are all slowly lighting up. Once all the lights are lit, they should stop blinking and just stay lit, except for the one that denotes the Internet connection. This one should be blinking conveying the Internet is working. Try your services, this should have rebooted the system and put everything back online and working.

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4. Do not try to reset the modem by unplugging the power source from the electrical outlet. The modem has a battery back up system and will not turn off; therefore it cannot reset this way. The battery back up will not let it be without a power source, which is enough to keep its memory, but not enough to run the services efficiently.

5. Call your cable company and connect with the service department if the problem persists. The cable service technician has the ability to reset the modem from the cable company over the phone line. Many problems that present with the modem can be fixed over the phone lines sparing you the time home waiting for a technician to arrive. A trouble shooting phone call to your cable company will take at least fifteen minutes while they go through this process.