School Safety & Security Checklist

The safety and security policies set forth in schools ensure the safety of the children.

The safety and security of schools is a vital aspect of keeping children safe and being prepared for a disaster, should one strike. Keeping school children protected, both physically and emotionally, can be achieved by following a simple checklist. Many school officials have implemented a safety and security checklist in their schools to ensure they maintain a healthy learning environment.

Security of Buildings and Grounds

It is important ensure the safety and security of the school’s buildings and play areas. The school should have adequate fencing, and visitors should provide personal identification. A campus security officer should have a daily list of areas to check. Some schools have cameras to maintain visual security and proper lighting can help deter crime.

Standards of School Staff and Security Personel

A pre-employment background check for staff and faculty can identify those convicted of crimes, including those on a sex offender registry. Many schools are required to run background checks on any parent or adult volunteer who works on the school campus. Running background checks whether the volunteer works directly with the children or not can keep the campus safe.

Development of Disaster or Crisis Preparedness Plan

All schools and school districts should have a disaster or crisis preparedness plan. Many schools participate in fire drills, and tornado or earthquake drills. Coordinate emergency plans with community partners who can offer support. A disaster or crisis plan should include CPR or First Aid training to all staff members. School officials should communicate their emergency plan to parents and guardians.

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Discipline Guidelines

Maintaining a safe and secure school environment includes preventing violence or other disruptions from happening. Maintaining disciplinary policies and guidelines is essential to safety and security. Enforcing school dress codes and policies against contraband items as well as taking disciplinary action with bullies are ways to prevent disruptions.