Set Up A Telephone In A Mercedes C230

If your cell phone is Bluetooth capable, you can connect it to your Mercedes-Benz C230 for hands-free calling.

Mercedes-Benz C230 models feature Bluetooth capabilities. You can connect your Bluetooth-capable cell phone to your C230 for hands-free communication, which is considered safer than the traditional method of talking on your phone while driving. Syncing, or connecting, your phone to your Mercedes C230 takes only a few minutes.


1. Get into your Mercedes C230 with your cell phone and your car keys. Turn your car on.

2. Locate the “Bluetooth” set-up on your cell phone, which is found in different places on different cell phones. Refer to your cell phone owner’s guide if you encounter problems locating yours.

3. Select the option in the Bluetooth set-up that allows other devices to locate your phone.

4. Push the “Phone” button located on your car’s stereo controls. Scroll through the selections until you locate the “Connect Bluetooth” selection. Push the “OK” button on your car. Wait while your car searches for other Bluetooth devices in the area. Once it finds your phone, a numeric code will appear on your stereo screen.

5. Enter the numeric code into your cell phone, which will have automatically changed its screen to accommodate your typing once your vehicle found it. Click “OK” on your phone. Wait while your phone and your car sync together. Your stereo screen will ask if you want to download your phonebook, click “OK.” Wait while the download takes place and then you are finished.

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