Sharedsite Agreements

When companies enter into shared-site agreements, one company can use the other’s systems if their own systems crash.

Shared-site agreements are enacted between companies as emergency backup systems. Two companies with similar centers for information processing can share each others’ systems if one’s system crashes.

Sharing Computer Systems

Computer systems are shared regularly. One person can even work remotely on someone else’s computer when the other person gives permission to share files. When a company’s systems crash, they may or may not be salvageable. When that company shares processing systems with another company, the first company can run their systems off of the other company’s computers while its IT people repair their own computers.

Separate, but Shared

Companies involved in shared-site agreements do not share their systems around the clock. This places too much stress on each company’s own processing systems. System-sharing is only called in when one company’s systems fail; thus, these agreements are temporary.

Saving Money

Shared-site agreements also save companies money. If a company’s systems crash and the damage cannot be repaired, that company can use its partner company’s software to rebuild its own. This saves the original company from having to repurchase all of its systems.

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