Specifications For A 35 Whelen

The .35 Whelen rifle cartridge was invented in 1922.

Coming off the heels of the .30-06 Springfield, the .35 Whelen is a medium-bore rifle cartridge that does not require magnum action. This made it cheaper than other cartridges and very popular among hunters throughout the 20th century. The .35 Whelen is powerful and able to kill large game.


Colonel Townshead Whelen designed the .35 Whelen in 1923. Whelen and James V. Howe necked the .400 Whelen down to create the .35. Remington added the .35 Whelen to its production list in 1988.


The dimensions are as follows:

Bullet – .358 inches

Neck – .385 inches

Shoulder – .441 inches

Base – .472 inches

Rim – .473 inches

Case length – 2.494 inches

Overall length – 3.340 inches

Rifling twist – 1 to 16 inches


The .35 Whelen cartridges launch heavy bullets at fast speeds from large rifles, making it powerful. It is popular in the hunting of moose, elk, deer, bears and whitetail. The cartridge can be both manually and automatically loaded with ease. There is a diverse array of bullets compatible with the .35 Whelen.

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