Stop A Car In Police Quest

Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel,” released for the PC by Sierra Entertainment in 1987, features a text-based system to control game play. The in-game ability to stop the vehicles of characters suspected to have committed crimes isn’t clearly laid out in the instructions, but is done automatically by simply catching up to the vehicle. Knowing the exact method to stop a vehicle while in your police car should make the procedure a snap.


1. Type “DO A SAFETY CHECK” and walk around your police car. Type “OPEN DOOR”, and then “GET IN THE CAR”. Enter “CLOSE DOOR” followed by the “DRIVE” command.

2. Watch for illegal driving behavior like running a red light or erratic driving to indicate possible drunken driving. Press “F10” to turn on your sirens and begin pursuit of the vehicle. Press “F8” to increase your speed to more quickly catch the offending car.

3. Approach the vehicle with your police car; when you get close enough while using your sirens, both cars will automatically pull over to the side of the road.

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