Survive A Dust Storm

Survive a Dust Storm

If you live in or visit dry, hot climates such as Arizona or parts of California, chances are you may one day encounter a dust storm. These are highly unpredictable storms that can cover wide areas with blowing, blinding dust. Though they last only a few minutes, dust storms can be devastating. If you don’t panic and know what steps to take, you can survive a dust storm.


1. Carry airtight goggles and a mask to filter out dust when traveling in places prone to dust storms. Preparing yourself gives you the best chance at survival.

2. Keep plenty of water around. Heat often accompanies dust storms, which can cause dehydration. Carry the water in sealed containers such as a canteen.

3. Get off the road. Pull over and stop. Set the emergency brake. Turn off all lights in the vehicle. Often leaving the lights on can cause other vehicles to use your lights as a guide and wind up crashing into you.

4. Try to outrun the storm if possible. Dust storms can often be seen gathering in the distance. The best chance to survive is to avoid being caught in a dust storm altogether. If you have the means to get out of the area, do so.

5. Take shelter, if not traveling in a vehicle. If shelter is not available, lie down, keep your mouth, eyes and nose covered and ride out the storm. Face away from the wind.

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