The Best Novelty Gag Gifts

Creativity and consideration can turn your gag gift into a great one.

The best novelty gag gift will make recipient and observers all laugh at its appropriateness. Gentle jabs poked at the recipient’s character flaws are fine, but think before giving in order to avoid hurtful jokes made at his expense. Keep in mind the recipient’s personality while choosing the gift, as well as your position regarding that person. For instance, food-oriented gifts can be funny for aspiring chefs, but not for your boss who is struggling with weight issues.

Geeky Gifts

Geeks like gifts that address their areas of interest and are sleek, cutting-edge and thoroughly unusual. For smaller budgets, most geeks will love consumable gifts, such as the many caffeinated products you can find at; soap, inhalable caffeine sticks, gum and soda are among their caffeinated wares. Gadgets and strange tools are great for slightly higher budgets. Ear-mounted task lights or a wizard’s wand remote control from are both winners, or for the incorrigible oversleeper, the ThinkGeek SnuzNLuz alarm clock, which requires snoozers to donate $1 to a charity of an enemy’s choice.

Gag Gifts for Teens

Teens do a lot of eating, and tend to have a gross-out sense of humor. This makes Archie McPhee’s line of bacon-themed products a great choice. Bacon belts and ties, disposable bacon bandages, bacon gum and bacon mints are only a few of the pork-themed selections. Archie McPhee is also a great place for simple weirdness, like their remote-control yodeling hopping lederhosen or the emergency inflatable brain.

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Gifts for your Sweetheart

It’s a bit harder to find great gag gifts for a spouse or sweetheart, but if you keep in mind his sense of humor, you can come out a winner. An inflatable heart from helps him remember you at all times, while a Love Potion energy drink promises a much nicer gift later on. If you’re looking for a great way to pop the question to her, also has the Will You Marry Me? fake lottery ticket and the diamond engagement ring key chain.

Gifts for the Workplace

For great novelty gifts intended for coworkers, has a wonderful assortment of office gadgets and downright strange items. The computer guy will love the circuit-board business card holder, and the resident geek will love a Star Wars light saber pen or laser pointer (remember, red is for bad guys). For the boss who really needs more playtime, the Crayola crayon executive pin will give her the hint. For anyone who needs more brightness, the credit-card light bulb, which lights up when the light bulb is folded upward, provides emergency illumination.