Things To Do With Solar Lights

Solar lights provide many benefits outdoors. Solar lights can be placed almost anywhere the lights will receive sun during the day so the lights will work in the dark at night. Some solar lights have a solar plate that collects energy from the sun and others have a built-in solar energy collector. Does this Spark an idea?


Use solar lights to light passage ways in the back or front yard. If you have a dark backyard you can place solar lights in the ground along a pathway to light up an area where you would walk to a garden, garage or any doorway. If you have areas in the yard that are hazardous, such as tree stumps, high rocks or fire pits in the ground, you can light up the area so someone walking in the area doesn’t trip.


Rope lights are ideal for lighting deck railings and porch railings. Wrap the solar rope lights around the railing or tack the lights on the railings with hooks. The lights have a solar plate for collecting energy from the sun. The plate must face the sun during the day to collect the energy to light the solar lights at night.


Light fences around the backyard or pool area using solar lights. Fence solar lights come as a rope light or string of lights. The lights are attached to the fencing with tacks or hooks. The solar plate faces the south or western sun to collect the sun’s energy. When solar lights are used around the yard or pool, they create a soft setting.

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Use the butterfly solar lights to light up hanging planters. The string lights have solar butterflies spread out in the string of lights. The solar plate can be attached to the southern or western side of the planter to collect the sun. At dark, the butterflies light up. It looks like the butterflies are suspended in air because you won’t see the plant that well in the dark.


Place solar rock lights in the garden or anywhere in the yard where you want to light up an area. The solar rocks look real, except during the night when the sun sets, the rock face plate lights up. The rocks do need daily sun to collect the sun’s energy to work properly. Some rock lights are rated for use in water. These rocks are ideal for lighting up ponds at night.