Trim The Wick In A Hurricane Lamp

Hurricane lamps evoke a feeling of warmth and safety. The gentle light can be augmented by how you trim the lamp wick. Wicks are usually made of braided cotton fiber that can be flat or tube-shaped. There are a few ways to trim a hurricane lamp wick that will affect the flame. Trim the wick the wrong way and your lamp will smoke as the oil burns directly. However, wick-trimming is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the chimney from the hurricane lamp. Roll up the wick until it’s 1/2 inch above the lamp.

2. Cut off any blackened material from the wick. This is called the char of the wick. Burning this makes the lamp smoke.

3. Cut the corners off the wick and round the top. This will produce an even flame and cut down on the smoking. You can leave the wick flat or pointed for different-shaped flames, but this might promote smoking.

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