Troubleshoot A Craftsman Garage Door

Troubleshoot a Craftsman Garage Door

There are a variety of things that could go wrong with your Craftsman garage door. Your door may open but not close. Your door opener lights might not turn on or off. Your garage door belt may sag. What follows are some tips on troubleshooting some of the potential problems you may experience. Does this Spark an idea?


Troubleshoot a Craftsman Garage Door

1. If you are having problems with the door opening but not closing, and the opener light is blinking, check the safety reversing sensor. If the opener lights do not blink, check the down force. If the forces are set too light, the ability of the door to go down may be interrupted. 260 degrees is the maximum force adjustment range.

2. If the garage door does not open from either the door control or the remote, check to see if the door has electric power. This can be checked by plugging something else into the outlet and seeing if it works. If that is not the problem, check to see if you have disabled all of the door locks. Another option is to check to see if the garage door spring is broken or if there is ice outside that is causing the door to freeze to the ground. If these do not work, wait 15 minutes and try again. Repetitive tries may have tripped the motor’s overload protector.

3. If your remote control is working, but not your door control, check to see if the door control is lit. If it is not, you’ll need to remove the bell wire from the opener terminal screws. Touch both terminals at the same time with a piece of wire to short the red and white terminals. If the opener begins to work, check to see if you can find a faulty wire connection at the door control. There may also be a short under the staples or a broken wire. If this does not work, check to see if the wiring connections are correct. You can learn do this by reviewing your product manual (see Resources below to locate your product’s manual).

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4. If your garage door opens from your door control, but not the remote, check to see if any door push buttons are flashing. If your Craftsman garage door model has the lock feature, ensure that the lock is turned off. Your garage door opener will need to re-learn a code for the remote control. Refer to your model’s owner’s manual for instructions on do this (see Resources below). You will then need to program the receiver to match the remote control code.

5. If your garage door belt is drooping, remember that it is normal to see some sag when the door is in the closed position. Pull on the manual release rope and handle to disconnect’s the door’s trolley. If you do not see any sag when the outer trolley is released, you do not need to make any adjustments.

6. If you find that your garage door is opening and closing by itself, first make sure that all of the remote control buttons are turned off. Once you ensure that they are off, remove the bell wire from the door control and use only the remote control. If this solution works, then your door control either has a intermittent short between itself and the opener, or the door control needs to be replaced.

7. If your garage door opener lights won’t turn on, replace the bulbs (use no more than 75 watts). If your regular bulb burns out, use a standard neck garage door opener bulb. If your lights will not turn off, check to see if the door’s Light feature is on. If it is, make sure to turn it off.

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8. If your garage door opener hums briefly and then will not work, your springs are broken. Close your door and use the emergency release to disconnect the trolley. You will need to call a professional at this point to repair the springs. Until the springs are repaired, open and close the door manually.

9. If your door does not open completely, check to see if something may be hindering the door. If the door has suddenly stopped opening all the way, after working properly, increase the up force. The travel limits may need to be increased if the door opens at least 5 feet (See Resources to locate your product’s manual on do this).