Troubleshoot Dlp Tvs

Troubleshoot a DLP television for possible lamp problems.

DLP televisions can be very costly to fix. Many times, the lamp is the only thing that needs to be replaced on your TV. After two to three years, the lamps in a television burn out. You can easily find out whether your lamp is the problem with your television by troubleshooting common problems.


1. Unplug the television from all wires connected to other electronics and the wall outlet. Let it cool.

2. Remove the back panel. This is located toward the bottom of the television. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the four to six screws holding the panel in place.

3. Look for the emergency switch located in front of the lamp box. The lamp box is a black metal box holding the lamp bulb. The emergency switch is usually a different color than the lamp box, blue or gray.

4. Press the emergency switch under the lamp tray or box. Use a pencil to press the switch under the lamp box. If your emergency switch isn’t in the right place, this will cause your television to act up.

5. Spray the cooling fan inside the television with a can of air. Use a cotton swab or tissue to remove the excess dust that the air can’t remove. Too much dust can cause the set to not cool properly.

6. Move the television farther from the wall to ensure adequate cooling. Placing a DLP television too close to the wall can cause it to overheat.

7. Replace the panel on the back of the television.

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8. Plug the television into a power outlet and press the “Power” button.