Troubleshoot Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are used for emergency vehicles to raves.

Strobe lights are used in emergency and rescue vehicles, photography studios and discos. Strobe lights emit pulsating beams of light, calibrated for specific times. Most strobes use modern LED bulbs and have electrical hookups to AC or DC power sources. If your strobe is not working properly, begin troubleshooting with the easiest fixes and progress to the more complicated issues. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Check the power supply. If the strobe light is battery powered, remove the old batteries, and replace them with new batteries to test light quality and speed. If it is AC powered, be sure the cord is plugged into the socket.

2. Check the speed dial to ensure the strobe setting is to your desired speed. If your strobe(s) are connected to a timed system, be sure the strobes are attached to each other on the circuit. A loose light will disrupt the entire series of strobes. Unplug the cords on the circuit, and replug them to ensure the system is connected.

3. Turn the speed setting to zero, and make sure all LED bulbs are working. Burned out bulbs affect the quality and speed of the strobe action. Replace burned out or malfunctioning bulbs.

4. Follow all cables to mixing or control boards to ensure the strobes, if so connected, are receiving the needed signals from the control boards. Unplug all cords, and replug the test the connections. Check all settings at the control board to make sure nothing was bumped or the settings compromised.

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