Uscg Life Raft Safety

The United States Coast Guard issues safety guidelines for life rafts. There are different types of ratings for merchant vessels and domestic vessels. Ratings also exist for the hydraulic lifts that control life rafts.

Types of Safety Guidelines

USCG safety guidelines for life rafts include checklists for rigid rafts on merchant vessels and inflatable life rafts. Guidelines are provided for life floats, hydraulic-release life-saving equipment and position-indicating lights.

Checklist Items for Rigid Life Raft

Check for a minimum capacity of six people. Lifeline must be secured around the outside of the raft, and a boarding ramp or ladder must be present. Other requirements pertain to stability and the seating arrangement on the raft.

Checklist Items for Inflatable Raft

Inflatable life rafts must meet most of the same guidelines as rigid rafts. Inflatables can hold less people and usually have a ladder, rather than a ramp.

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