Use A Star Headlight & Lantern

Star makes emergency lights for a variety of vehicles.

Star Headlight and Lantern makes a variety of lighting products for emergency vehicles. These lights are used for signaling, locating, and pursuit. Using the products requires they be installed at a certified mechanics shops and the control panels mounted in a safe location along the dashboard of the emergency vehicle. A series of switches and dials control the various lights and lanterns made by Star. While the products may vary, the basic use remains the same.


1. Turn the ignition key to the neutral position in the rescue rig. If the rig is equipped with an external battery source or generator and the rescue rig is on location, turn on the generator or switch to the auxiliary battery power.

2. Turn the headlight or lantern on via the power switch on the lights control panel. These panels are typically mounted on the dash or next to the driver’s seat. If you are driving, have the front passenger control the lights for safety’s sake. Typical controls include a “full on” switch where all lights are engaged, a partial setting for mid-level lighting or a dial that controls speed and light choice.

3. Point the external floodlight light-lantern at the desired target. Keep the lights plugged into the auxiliary power source. Lanterns used to search such as flood lights have dials to control the lumens beamed out from the light. Turn the dial clockwise to increase lumens or counterclockwise to lower the lumens.

4. Press the “kill” switch to quickly turn off all Star lights in situations where all need to be turned off immediately. The kill switch is usually on the dashboard control panel and is set to the left hand side of the box.

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