Use The Emergency Heat On A Heat Pump

Use the Emergency Heat on a Heat Pump

Many homes use heat pumps for their heating needs. A heat pump takes warm heat energy from outside the home and transfers it into the home, causing the inside temperature to rise. Heat pumps only operate well within a certain temperature range. If the outside air is very cold, there is not much heat energy that can be moved to into the home. A heat pump contains two sets of electric heating coils to handle this problem. One is the auxiliary and the other is the emergency. The auxiliary heating coils are used when the outside temperature is very low. The emergency heating coils are used if the auxiliary coils or the heat pump heating system fails. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Read your owner’s manual for correct emergency heat operating procedures.

2. Go to you thermostat that controls your heat pump.

3. Set the fan to “on” instead of “auto.” This forces the fan to run continuously. Some systems automatically turn the fan on once emergency heat is selected.

4. Select emergency heat on your thermostat control panel. This will cause the emergency heating coils to begin heating. Some systems automatically regulate emergency heat.

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