Use Umbrellas In A Dance Routine

Use Umbrellas in a Dance Routine

Choreographers are always looking for something that makes their dance routine “pop out” from the others. Using props in a dance routine really gives a visual connection to the music for the audience. An umbrella,used as a prop is affordable, lightweight and easy to use, thus making it a great prop option for a dance routine.


1. Select music to choreograph your dance routine that using an umbrella as a prop would add a visual connection to the theme of the music or song. Choose songs such as “Singing in the Rain,” “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” or even “It’s Raining Men.” All of those make the use of an umbrella as a prop really work. Yellow umbrellas or multicolored umbrellas look terrific going up and down and twirling all around.

2. Use an umbrella as your prop for dance routines that need to show delicacy such as a Southern Belle strolling in the sun twirling her umbrellas or parasol. A cloth umbrella or parasol with ruffles and frills compliments the costuming and the music.

3. Pick a bamboo umbrella or a paper umbrellas if your music has an Asian sound or theme to it. The paper and bamboo umbrellas are fragile, so take care when using them in your routines and for practices.

4. Keep the umbrella in a down position for your dance routine to give the look of a walking cane. If the umbrella has a curved handle, you can spin, turn and twirl the umbrella in your hand.

5. Instruct your dancers to pop open their umbrellas in a ripple effect all turning the same direction. This gives a great visual effect to an audience. Experiment with a variety of colors for the umbrellas to obtain the desired effect for your particular routine.

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