Use Your Cell Phone In Grand Theft Auto Iv

Grand Theft Auto IV, by Rockstar Games, introduced the cell phone as a major item in the game series. Superior to the pager in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the cell phone allows you to receive calls from various characters in the game. These calls tend to be requests and you can confirm or deny these requests through your phone. The larger application of the cell phone is to enter in cheat codes, in the form of phone numbers.


1. Press “UP” on the directional pad. Your cell phone will appear, displaying a list of options. Using the directional pad. you can select “Multiplayer” to log into a multiplayer game, access the options menu, or scroll down through the phone to select a contact to call.

2. Press “Up” again and the cell phone’s keypad will appear. Here you can enter phone numbers to call specific contacts. Certain real world numbers also function, such as dialing “911” to call emergency services.

3. Enter in the phone number and press “Ok”, or the green call button, to place the call (You can acquire several different brands of cell phones throughout the game). Once a cheat has been entered, it will be saved in the cell phone‘s contact list for ease of access.

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