Ways To Use A Flash Light

Flashlights provide emergency lighting.

Nearly everyone keeps a flashlight or two in the home for those times when an emergency strikes and electricity is lost. Indispensable as an emergency light source, flashlights prevent household accidents and provide a sense of security to household members. But there are other important functions of flashlights, as well. Does this Spark an idea?


When an attacker approaches, a sudden burst of light may throw him off guard long enough for you to escape. Carrying a high-powered light in your bag, particularly if you are out alone at night, keeps the flashlight within easy reach. Specially designed flashlights are sold as tactical illumination products that can temporarily blind an attacker and distract him allowing you time to flee to safety.

Emergency Signals

Keeping a flashlight in your car, recreational vehicles, and with camping and hiking equipment allows you to signal for help if you become stranded. These are especially helpful during heavy storms when your voice may not be heard. Whether you are stranded in the wilderness or simply along an abandoned road, an SOS signal consisting of three short flashes, three long flashes, and then an additional three short flashes will signal distress.

Ward Off Intruders

When intruders trespass on your property at night, illuminating them with the beam of the flashlight often causes them to flee in fear of being identified. Flashing the beam around the outside of your home and the perimeter of your property when you hear a disturbance may be enough to avert intruders as they approach your home.

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Scaring Off Stray Animals

When you hear the rattle of garbage cans, a quick burst from the flashlight is likely to frighten away stray animals. Keeping a flashlight near the door makes it easy to catch them in the act and send them on their way.