What Is An Angel Flight

Angel Flight will fly individuals and families for free.

Angel Flight’s motto is “People Flying People in Need.” This organization was founded by a group of volunteer pilots who wanted to arrange free transportation for individuals facing a medical need. Although some contributions are accepted, Angel Flight pilots often carry the entire expense of the trips themselves. Neither the patients nor the medical facilities are charged a fee for the trip.

Angel Flight Pilots

Volunteer pilots must submit an application if they are interested in becoming an Angel Flight pilot. These pilots must have an up-to-date pilot certificate, as well as a current medical certificate. The pilots must then prove they have mastered the aircraft that they own. Although the volunteer pilots are left completely in charge of each mission, they must be instrument rated and current. The pilot’s aircraft must also be insured.

Angel Flight Locations

Angel Flight has several divisions, each with its own service area. Angel Flight West services Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Angel Flight Central services Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. Angel Flight East covers all of the states from Maine to Florida and westward to Ohio.

How Angel Flight Patients Qualify

Patients who want to request a flight from Angel Flight must first have a financial need. If the patient cannot afford to travel any other way to his appointment, he can move on to the other qualifications. Angel Flight only flies individuals who are medically stable and capable of getting in and out of the aircraft with only minimum assistance. Also, the trip cannot be an emergency. When approved, the patient can fly with Angel Flight as often as needed.

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Who Is Allowed to Come

Angel Flight does not limit the trip to just patients. Family members and friends are welcome to come with the patient for moral support. Angel Flight also flies family members to visit patients that are in a hospital far away. Angel Flight picks up patients from a hospital and brings them back home. Patients and their families can apply through the Angel Flight website or be referred by a medical facility.