Where Is The Flasher Module On A 1999 Ford F450

The flasher is located beneath the dashboard in the F-450.

The flasher is an electrical device on your 1999 Ford F-450 that helps control the use of the directional and emergency signal circuits. Once the flasher goes bad, your turn signals and hazard lights may stop functioning, which could be a dangerous situation. It’s important that you locate and replace your flasher immediately if you believe that it is not working.


The flasher on a 1999 F-450 is located behind the instrumental panel near the dashboard. To find the flasher, go to the driver’s area of the truck. Look below the dashboard and find the wiring loom. You should see the flasher, a round circuit-breaker-looking switch, attached into the wiring.


There are a few indications that your flasher has gone bad; however, the most common indication of a faulty flasher is a turn signal that fails to work or only works intermittently. The easiest way to test a flasher unit is to substitute it for a known working one.


To replace a faulty flasher, pull the flasher out of the socket and replace it with a new one. Make sure you replace the flasher with another compatible unit. Inspect your flasher to see if it had two prongs or three.

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