Why Are Fire Emergency Exit Lights Important

Fire emergency lights help show emergency exits during a fire

Fire emergency exit lights are self-contained systems that are wired into a buildings main electricity supply but have a battery back-up that keeps the lights illuminated when the main power supply is interrupted. These lighting systems are used to illuminate emergency exits.


Emergency lighting systems are used in most businesses. Their primary purpose is to illuminate fire exits during an emergency. There are also emergency lighting systems on airplanes that illuminate emergency exits and illuminate a path to the exits.


There are two main types of emergency lighting. There are maintained systems and non-maintained systems. Maintained systems are required for areas with low lighting. According to Neweysonline.co.uk, these systems are used for “cinemas, theatres and anywhere alcohol is served”. Non-maintained systems are used in situations where the main power supply has failed.

Legal requirements

In the United States, section of the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code states that “emergency illumination is to be provided for not less than 1½ hour in the event of failure of the normal lighting system” (Reference 2)

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