Wire A Switch Leg To A Light Fixture

With some basic tools, you can add a switch to any light fixture in your house. Making the light and switch connections is quite easy; however, running the cable from the light to the switch location may be rather difficult, depending on your house and where you need to run the cable. If you are up to that challenge, follow the steps below to learn make the necessary connections and install the switch. Does this Spark an idea?



1. Turn off power to the light circuit. Trace the switch box on the wall and carefully cut the hole–if you cut it too big, the box can fall inside the wall.

2. Remove the light fixture and run your new cable from the light to the switch. Pull the wires through the back knockout into your switch box and mount the box in the wall.

3. Attach the black wire to one side of the switch and the white wire to the other. Wrap some back electrical tape around the white wire to indicate that it is hot. Connect the bare wire to the green screw. Put the switch in the box.

4. Go to the light fixture and remove the black wire that connects to the black wire from the light. Splice the new black wire from the switch in its place. Splice the new white wire to the black wire that you disconnected from the light. Wrap black electrical tape around this end of the white wire. Splice all bare wires together, and cover all the splices with wire nuts.

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5. Put your fixture back in the ceiling, and turn the power back on to test the circuit. If it works, install the switch plate over the switch.