Wire Led Lights With A Flasher

Add an LED flasher light to enhance your LED display.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) operate on low-voltage, low-ampere electricity so they have a transformer wired to reduce 110 volts down to between 6 and 18 volts, depending on the number of LEDs in the light string. LED lights can be wired in series or parallel and many include a multitask controller, allowing you to set different light displays such as rapid flashing and auto-dimming. But if your LED lights doesn’t have this feature just change one LED for one that flashes.


1. Remove the plug from the wall socket. You need to disconnect the electricity supply from the LED lights.

2. Remove the first or last LED light from the light string. This makes it easier to remember which one controls the flashing. Pull the LED light from the socket using your fingers. If it screws in place, which is unusual, then turn the LED counter-clockwise until is out of the holder.

3. Put in an LED flasher light. It must be the same voltage as the one you removed, so if you’re unsure take the old one to an electrical store to purchase a flasher light that uses the same voltage.

4. Push the flasher light into the socket, or screw it clockwise until just tight. Don’t over-tighten because you can break the LED.

5. Insert the plug into the wall socket. Turn on your flashing LED lights.

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